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There are 28 public tennis courts and 53 red ball playground courts located throughout Rockingham County.

The six courts at Rockingham Community College in Wentworth were resurfaced in June 2016...our first resurfaced courts in Rockingham County in over 15 years.  In summer 2018, 4 courts at Jaycee Park in Reidsville and 4 courts at Bridge Street Recreation were resurfaced.

Blended lines to allow red and orange ball 10 & Under competition are painted on the indoor courts at WR YMCA in Mayodan, and outdoor courts at Bridge Street Recreation Center in Eden, Rockingham Community College in Wentworth and Jaycee Park in Reidsville.

Smaller red ball courts (18x36 feet) are designed to use smaller rackets, lower bouncing red balls, and pop-up or temporary nets.  These courts are perfect for players and families to learn the game together.  Red ball courts at RCS elementary schools are open to the public after school hours through a shared use arrangement with Rockingham County and signage provided by the Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust.  "It ROCKS to be fit."  Contact if you'd like to borrow a red ball net to use on these courts.

*There are another 10 courts in Rockingham County that are open for members only : Eden Family YMCA, Western Rockingham YMCA in Mayodan, Deep Springs Country Club in Stoneville and Pennrose Park Country Club in Reidsville.


BETHANY Bethany Elementary 4 red ball courts 271 Bethany Rd, Reidsville, NC 27320
EDEN Boys & Girls Club* 2 red ball courts 1026 Harris St, Eden, NC 27288
  Bridge Street Rec 4 courts 319 Bridge Street, Eden, NC 27288
  Douglass Elementary 4 red ball courts 1130 Center Church Rd, Eden, NC 27288
  Eden Family YMCA* 4 courts, clay 310 South Kennedy, Eden NC 27288
  Eden Family YMCA* 3 red ball courts 310 South Kennedy, Eden NC 27288
  Holmes Middle School* 8 red ball courts 211 N Pierce St, Eden, NC 27288
  Morehead High School 6 courts 134 N Pierce St, Eden, NC 27288

Leaksville-Spray Elem

Draper II Head Start

3 red ball courts

3 red ball courts

415 Highland Dr, Eden, NC 27288

1719 E Stadium Dr, Eden, NC 27288

MADISON Carlyle Lewis Tennis 6 courts Cure Drive, Madison, NC 27025
  Huntsvillle Elementary 4 red ball courts 2020 Sardis Church Rd, Madison, NC 27025
MAYODAN Farris Memorial Park 2 courts (closed) 2878 Park Rd, Mayodan, NC 27027
  WR YMCA* 2 courts, indoor 600 South 5th Avenue, Mayodan, NC
REIDSVILLE Jaycee Park 8 courts 125 Jaycee Park, Reidsville, NC 27320
  Monroeton Elementary 4 red ball courts 8081 US-158, Reidsville, NC 27320
  Pennrose Park CC* 2 courts 1622 Country Club Rd, Reidsville, NC 27320
  Salvation Army 4 red ball courts  704 Barnes St, Reidsville, NC 27320
  Williamsburg Elementary 4 red ball courts 2830 NC-87, Reidsville, NC 27320
  Community Baptist Schools 2 red ball courts 509 Triangle Rd, Reidsville, NC 27320
RUFFIN Lincoln Elementary 4 red ball courts 2660 Oregon Hill Rd, Ruffin, NC 27326
STONEVILLE Deep Springs CC* 2 courts, clay 160 Country Club Drive, Stoneville, NC 27048 
  Memorial Park 1 court Priddy Loop, Stoneville, NC 27048
WENTWORTH R Community College 6 courts 712 County Home Road, Wentworth, NC 27375
  Wentworth Elementary 4 red ball courts 8806 NC-87, Reidsville, NC 27320


*Open to members only.


RCTA is a USTA Community Tennis Association and a National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapter

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