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These coaches, organizations, sponsors and charitable fans provide tennis programs and support as community partners with Rockingham County Tennis Association.  Thank you.



Be Healthy, Rockingham County                       Reidsville Parks & Recreation Department

Boys and Girls Club of Eden                              Rockingham Community College

City of Reidsville                                                 RC Public Library                                      

Christian Baptist Schools                                   RC Community Foundation

Eden Family YMCA                                            Rockingham County Schools

Eden Parks and Recreation                               RCS Kids Companion Childcare

Eden's Own Journal                                           RC Youth Services 

Explore Eden                                                      RC Partnership for Children

                                                                            Salvation Army of Rockingham County

MM Parks & Recreation Commission                 Southern Tennis Patrons Foundation

Market Square - Reidsville                                  Stoneville Rotary

Mayodan Police and Fire Departments               Western Rockingham YMCA

North Carolina Public Health Foundation            USTA NC - NC Tennis Association

North Carolina Tennis Foundation                       USTA Southern

New Reidsville House Authority                           USTA Foundation              

North Carolina Community Foundation

Precision Tennis Academy                                   Woodmont Child Development Center

Reidsville Area Foundation                                   Xerox Community Involvement Program 

Reidsville Family YMCA                                       WLOE WMYN Rockingham County Radio 


RCTA Board of Directors Sponsorship Fundraiser 2020-21



Tennis is having a BALL in Rockingham County.

Thank you to our RCTA sponsors:

Sally Bason, Dr. Clarence and Rene Beavers, Jennifer & Matt Bradley, Beth & Randy Carter, Lisa & Keith Duncan, Ann & Neil Fair, Bradley Farm, Dianne Hall, Jean Harrington, Lisa & Garland Hilliard, Martha W. Hopkins, Margaret & Dave Kemp, Liz & Scott Luking, Marta Mares, Margaret M. Martin, Jimmy Neal, Jeff Parris, Scottie & Ted Penn, Toni Reece, Shelby & Garrett Rhyne, Paula & Jose Sanchez, Harrison & Hunter Smith, , Tim Stone, Susan Thompson, Bob Adams' Florist, Inc and Allied Truck and Trailer Sales Inc



RCTA is a USTA Community Tennis Association and a National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapter

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