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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY KIDS TENNIS CLUBS powered by Net Generation are designed to give children the opportunity to try tennis in a safe, supportive, extracurricular setting. With tennis sized right for age and ability, it's easier and more fun than ever for kids to play - even if they've never picked up a racket!  Net Generation, the new national youth intiative supported by USTA, provides Kids Tennis Clubs partners with curriculum, equipment, and program support.  


A limited number of dates for After School Kids Tennis Clubs in Rockingham County are available to RCS PE teachers and child care providers for the 2018-19 school year.  There is no fee for this program.  

Kids Tennis Club program includes one-hour group clinics each week for 4 weeks led by a trained RC Tennis Community Coach and the school's PE Teacher or after school program staff.  We can also offer an extended Kids Tennis Club program that includes the ACE enrichment curriculum.  All equipment is provided.  This program can be held in a gym, parking lot, playground or on a tennis court. Our fall Kids Tennis Club program is supported by a Net Generation Pathway Grant from USTA Southern. 

FALL 2018 4 week session October 1-November 2

  • Mondays at Mill Avenue Recreation Center Contact: Johnny Farmer
  • Tuesdays at Bethany Elementary School Contact: Syliva Asnip at
  • Thursdays at BGCE "Girls Only Gym" Contact:  Chris Laprade at 
  • Fridays at Community Baptist Schools Contact:  Angie Wilson

 SPRING 2019 4 week session April 29-May24 

  • Mondays at Huntsville Elementary School contact:  Mary Shelton at
  • Tuesdays at Douglass Elementary School Contact: John Riddle at
  • Wednesdays at Holmes Middle School Contact:  Susan Carter at
  • Thursdays at Dillard Academy Contact:  Teri Schlosser at Michele Wesley
  • Fridays 

Rockingham County Students of Success at WRMS and RCMS will host Kids Tennis Clubs in April 2019.


During the 2015-16 school year, were supported by a grant from USTA NC Widen the Base. Kids Tennis Clubs met at Bethany Elementary, New Vision and Williamsburg Fitness Clubs, 7 RCS Kids Companion after school child care programs, and with the Students of Success after school program at three RCS middle schools.  The kids LOVED IT.  Check out our Kids Tennis Club and SOS Photo Galleries to see all the fun.

During the 2016-17 school year were supported by a grant from USTA NC Widen the Base.  RCS PE teachers offered Fall Kids Tennis clubs at Bethany, South End, Dillard, and Draper Elementary Schools, Holmes Middle School and Mill Avenue Recreation Center.  Spring Kids Tennis club season were held at Dillard, Douglass, Leaksville-Spray, and Lincoln Elementary Schools.  

During the 2017-18 school year were supported by a grant from Rockingham County Community Foundation, RCS PE teachers offered Fall Kids Tennis clubs at Bethany Elemetnary and Holmes Middle School and Riedsville YMCA after school care at South End and Williamsburg  Spring Kids Tennis club season were held by PE teachers  at Douglass and Dillard. after school Kids Companion at Wentworth and New Vision, and at Boys & Girls Club of Eden (Girls Only Gym) and Salvation Army Recreation Center.


USTA Kids Tennis Club Video Series

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  8. Kids Tennis Clubs:  Rally Modifications




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