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RCTA is not offering any USTA tournament events in 2019.

Greensboro Tennis Program  offers Level 5 and 6 tournaments in the Triad Area for ages 6-18 to test their game, play multiple matches and make friends along the way. These tournaments allow kids to compete in a way that makes them feel comfortable, matches their level of play and helps them to experience success.

The North Carolina Tennis Association provides tournament vouchers for the entry fee to the first tournament for any current High School or Junior Team Tennis players in North Carolina.  All players must be members of the USTA to register for a tournament.  For details go to

Playing in your first tournament?  There are a few things for parents and players to remember.  

Parents:  The USTA Southern Section has developed a short video that gives parents a  better understanding of what he/she can do the help shepherd their child through junior tennis. Tennis is a game that can develop character, define morals and help us navigate through life. So, make sure you and your kids learn how to “Honor the Game.”

Players:  Read our suggestions for playing in your first level 6 USTA sanctioned tournament here.  Click here for suggestions for your first level 5 USTA sanctioned tournament.




2018 RCTA Spring Level 6 Tournament - Sunday May 8

USTA Tournament ID 700136818 SEE RESULTS HERE


level_6_8 2018_spring_Level_6_group_ 



RC Tennis Spring Level 6, May 22, 2016 


RC Tennis Fall Level 6, October 9, 2016 

A sanctioned tournament is one that is approved by the USTA.  The club, organization, or person running the tournament has paid a sanction fee to the USTA and agrees to run the tournament following USTA Southern Section Tournament rules and regulations. 

USTA North Carolina offers different levels of tournaments to meet junior player's competitive needs. A player may enter any tournament, although you should strive to find the level of tournament at which you can best meet your personal tennis goals. You are also welcome to contact Teresa Boylan, NC Tennis Director of Junior Player Development & Tournament for advice.

USTA North Carolina posts a complete listing of Junior Tournaments in 2017 across the state at all levels on this page: 

USTA 2018 Southern posts a complete listing of Junior tournament Levels 1 through 4 Tournaments  across the state on this page:






RCTA is a USTA Community Tennis Association and a National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapter

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